Root Retouch Base Color

80 - 150+

50 - 160


115 - 175+

All Over Base Color

75 - 235

Elevated Cut*

135 - 240

Traditional Highlight

45 - 125+


230 - 660

Highlight Plus

Blow Dry +Hot Tool

70 - 145+

Highlight with Rootmelt

295 - 580

Special Occasion Hair

80 - 150+

160 - 280

Balayage / Foilyage

Treatment add-ons listed below

270 - 690

Balayage Plus

CBD Scalp Soothing


Balayage with Rootmelt

320 -580



Paris Fashion Week Christian Siriano

Hair: Sasha & Saeid

Glaze- add on


Color Longevity


Rootshadow- add on




Creative, Corrective*

& Bleach and Tone

Hourly and based

on consult



Blonde Balancing


Bond Building


*Hair cuts generally take about 45-60 minutes. This includes our relaxing shampoo and conditioning service and a blow-dry style after the cut.

If your hair cut service requires more time (Elevated Cut), it will usually take 75-90 minutes. This is typically the case for thicker or longer hair, as well as for haircuts that require more detailing and fine-tuning, such as those that involve a big change in style.

Pricing for our hair services is determined by three key factors:

  • Stylist experience: Our stylists have varying levels of experience, and the price of your service will reflect their expertise.
  • Time: The length of time your service takes will also impact the price. Thicker, longer hair and drastic color changes, such as going from dark to light or vice versa, may require more time.
  • Color needs: The amount of color needed for your service will also affect the price.

Each service has a set time allocation, but some clients may require additional time. If you have thick, long hair or are planning a drastic color change, please call the salon to speak with a front desk coordinator. Services like these may require a consultation prior to scheduling an appointment, and prices may vary depending on the individual requirements.


Why are there different prices for the same service ?



Our team of talented stylists comprises individuals with varying levels of experience, ranging from New Talent Artists to Master Stylists. Each stylist's pricing reflects their expertise and ongoing commitment to professional development. Not only have our stylists completed 1550 hours of Cosmetology School, they have also graduated from Revolution Salon's rigorous year long Apprenticeship Program. Revolution Salon is committed to providing continuing education to our team to enhance and grow their skills.

The cost of color services is additionally influenced by the amount of color required and the time needed to achieve the desired look. For instance, a client with short, fine hair may opt for a Partial Balayage, while someone with thick, long hair might prefer a Full Coverage Balayage.

To obtain an accurate pricing quote, we kindly request that you schedule a consultation with one of our stylists. During the consultation, your stylist will thoroughly assess your hair's condition, discuss your desired look, and provide you with a personalized pricing estimate.

We value transparency and strive to ensure that our clients are well-informed about the pricing of our services. By booking a consultation, you can gain a clear understanding of the costs and time involved and make an informed decision about your hair care needs.

What is a Creative Color?


While we pride ourselves on our creativity across all our services, the term "Creative Color" specifically refers to coloring techniques that demand more time and expertise compared to "traditional" color services. These techniques may involve drastic color transformations, color corrections, bleach and tone processes, or the use of unique color combinations that require extended application and processing time.

To ensure the best possible outcome for our clients seeking Creative Color services, we require a prior consultation with your stylist. During this consultation, your stylist will thoroughly discuss your desired look, assess your hair's condition, and provide you with a detailed explanation of the pricing, timing, and potential outcomes of the desired color transformation.